Thursday 18 January 2018

Sexual predator police officer who slept with domestic abuse victim jailed for 15 months

Jordan Powell (31) a sex-mad police constable who had intercourse with a victim of domestic violence while on duty and was today jailed for 15 months.
Jordan Powell (31) a sex-mad police constable who had intercourse with a victim of domestic violence while on duty and was today jailed for 15 months.

A sex-mad police constable who had intercourse with a victim of domestic violence while on duty was jailed for 15 months today.

Sexual predator Jordan Powell, 31, would call at the woman's home in the middle of the night while he was on duty to have sex with her.


Powell, a married father of two with West Mercia Police, had a "large sexual appetite", which led him to repeatedly cheat on his wife.


The day before Powell was arrested in July last year he sent - as he arrived at work - text messages simultaneously to three women asking for sex, Gloucester Crown Court heard.


Powell was caught when his own force became suspicious and set a trap using an undercover female officer.


The officer, known only as Roxy, pretended to be a victim of domestic violence and rang police in June last year for assistance.


Powell was dispatched to her home - fitted with covert recording equipment - to investigate her complaint.


Within a couple of hours of leaving Roxy's home in Kidderminster, Powell had sent her flirtatious text messages from his personal mobile phone, the court heard.


Powell sent text messages containing kisses and flirtatious comments, asking whether Roxy had a "smile on that pretty face".


The conversation then became more sexual, prosecutor Sarah Regan said.


Powell, who joined West Mercia Police in 2004, received a warning for gross misconduct in 2008 for having sex while on duty with a victim of crime.


Miss Regan said that in May last year Powell attended the home of a woman who was making a complaint about a breach of a non-molestation order by her husband.


Over the following days he sent her a string of steamy text messages from his personal mobile phone.


Miss Regan said that six days after Powell had first taken her statement ,they slept together for the first time.


Powell sent the woman one text, which read: "Let me come round now. Got 15 minutes. You want me inside you now."


She replied: "You are so naughty. On duty as well."


The court heard that the woman's self-confidence has been left "shattered" by Powell's actions.


"He has in my eyes behaved even more appallingly than my husband," the woman said in a statement.


"He has abused his position as a police officer."


Powell, of Hurst Lane, Tipton, West Midlands, pleaded guilty to three charges of misconduct in a public office between May and July 2012.


Three other similar charges against a third woman and an allegation of sexual assault - that Powell used a pen to expose a fourth woman's breasts when he took her statement - were ordered to lie on file.


Kevin Baumber, defending, said Powell's wife, who was in court, was standing by him despite his numerous affairs.


"He had a large sexual appetite which is something he has recognised and addressed since," Mr Baumber said.


"He has recognised there is something wrong with his sexual appetite and has started counselling.


"He has reflected upon his own behaviour and is determined to change. There will not be a repeat of his behaviour.


"He offers an apology."


Mr Baumber described the university business graduate as a "kind and attentive father".


"In his role as a police officer he has always been hard-working. He had before these matters been held in high regard and passed his sergeants exam," Mr Baumber added.


Jailing Powell, Judge Jamie Tabor QC said his offending had "undermined public confidence" in the police.


"It is vital that law-abiding members of the public feel they can trust those that are empowered to protect them," the judge told him.


"You were preying on those in society who you were paid to protect. This is a course of conduct over a considerable period of time.


"Your sexual appetite was certainly out of control. Your behaviour has undermined the confidence the public holds in the police.


"Police officers who breach that trust and take advantage of vulnerable people are acting contrary to the oath they took."


Judge Tabor said that Powell, whom he described as a sexual predator, had not changed his ways even after receiving a warning five years ago and said it was fortunate for him that his court was "not a court of morals".


"You have not curtailed your sexual behaviour at all. You are an intelligent man who must have known what you were doing was committing criminal offences," he said.


"When a complaint was made, your superiors decided to set a trap for you. You had not chosen Roxy as a victim but when the opportunity presented itself you couldn't resist.


"Such behaviour undermines public confidence.


"Your behaviour has been predatory but you didn't go out looking for victims but rather waited for them."


West Mercia Police said Powell, who had been suspended from duty following his arrest, would face a misconduct hearing.


The court heard that last month Powell wrote to formally tender his resignation but the deputy chief constable rejected it.


Assistant Chief Constable Gareth Morgan said today: "This officer acted in an unforgivable way and abused his role and the position of trust that he had been given.


"He has exploited his role and targeted vulnerable women for his own personal gratification.


"On behalf of West Mercia Police, I would like to apologise to the women involved and pay tribute to their strength and bravery throughout this investigation.


"I am proud to say the vast majority of our workforce are honest, hard-working individuals who are dedicated to serving our local communities.


"When a police officer acts in such a despicable way, it makes it harder for the public to maintain their trust in us and damages the good relations we have.


"I would like to thank our professional standards department - whose investigation was supervised by the Independent Police Complaints Commission - for their hard work in bringing this officer to justice. This was a complex investigation involving a number of lines of inquiry.


"This investigation, culminating in today's sentence, underlines the fact that West Mercia Police will not tolerate the tiny minority of dishonest staff or officers who give others a bad name."

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