Wednesday 17 January 2018

Sex abuser Rolf Harris kissed and groped me – Linda Nolan

Linda Nolan has alleged Rolf Harris (inset) groped her
Linda Nolan has alleged Rolf Harris (inset) groped her
File photos, from left to right of, Linda Nolan, Rolf Harris and Vanessa Feltz.

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Irish singer Linda Nolan and TV star Vanessa Feltz have revealed how convicted sex offender Rolf Harris assaulted them.

Linda Nolan told how Harris groped her when she was just 15-years old.

Ms Feltz however said the disgraced TV entertainer fondled her during an 'On The Bed' interview sequence on Channel 4's 'Big Breakfast' in May 1996.

The current BBC Radio 2 presenter said that she wanted to waive her right to anonymity to "encourage others to come forward to speak about Rolf Harris and others". Her comments come after Harris was sentenced to five years and nine months in jail for carrying out a series of attacks on children as young as eight.

Ms Nolan (55) revealed that Harris attacked her when she was wearing only a dressing gown getting ready for a performance with her sisters in South Africa while getting ready for a performance.

The Dublin-born singer, who moved with her family to Blackpool when she was aged just three, said she was walking back to her dressing room in 1975 when the entertainer and artist groped her in while she was supporting Harris on a tour with her sisters.

She said: "He suddenly came out of nowhere and in seconds his hands were all over me.

"He came right up to me and got me in a huge bear hug. His arms were all over my back, right around me so his hands were touching the sides of my breasts.

"He rubbed up and down and started kissing and licking the back of my neck.

"After a couple of minutes of me trying to wriggle him off without him stopping, I whispered to him, 'Please don't Rolf, please, please stop'.

"He did stop then, but looked at me like I was an idiot. He laughed it off."

Ms Feltz (52) said: "I was lying on cushions on the bed in a long, flowing, floor-length, heavily beaded evening dress. He was sitting very close. As the interview continued, with his wife watching and with the crew all in the room, I suddenly felt a rustling at the hem of my dress.

"I was on live television so I could not look down but I sensed that his hand was at the bottom of my dress and he was slowly gathering the fabric up and moving his hand higher and higher up my leg.

"Suddenly his hand had reached my knee and he was still going up and travelling at speed. I was so shocked. But, of course, as he knew perfectly well, I could not say anything."

She said her instinct would have been to stop him but that would have alerted viewers.

But she added: "I realised that if I did not do something I would be literally a sitting target and his hand would have gained access to the most intimate part of my body."

In her determination to stop Harris assaulting, she said she had "no other alternative" but to go to an advert break. The convicted entertainer then acted as if nothing had happened.

Ms Feltz spoke to Metropolitan Police after hearing his abuse of others, and a British newspaper said the Met had confirmed her story after examining the tape of the show.

Irish Independent

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