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Secondary school student expelled for insulting teacher on Facebook





A secondary school has defended expelling a student after he made insults about his head teacher on Facebook.

Jordan Ford, 14, posted derogatory comments about Keziah Featherstone's hair colour, looks and weight alongside a Facebook profile photo of her.

The Bridge Learning Campus in Bristol, where Ms Featherstone is associate head, said Jordan had broken the school's social media policy.

Chief executive Mark Davies said: "He has been permanently excluded for undermining the ethos of the school in terms of making malicious comments about a member of staff.

"In some respects people need to realise the situations they can get into with social media and not understanding their responsibilities towards it."

Mr Davies said the decision to exclude Jordan had been taken by a panel of the school governors after the post, which was made before Christmas, was brought to the school's attention.

Jordan's family believe he has been unfairly treated, arguing that he only drew attention to the fact that the picture showed the teacher with hair dyed a colour banned in school.

The picture of Ms Featherstone was taken outside of school and some time before she started as associate head in September.

Jordan's father John Ford, from Hartcliffe, Bristol, told the Bristol Post: "We think it's unfair that he's been punished because he's the class clown.

"He dyed his hair red and the school made a really big thing of it but there are teachers up there with coloured hair.

"My wife went up to the school to see if there was any chance of him going back but because he is a bit of a clown they were looking for an excuse to get rid of him."

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