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Search for missing twins extended to lake

An international search for twin girls whose father apparently committed suicide was broadened on yesterday as Swiss police searched homes, boats and the waters of Lake Geneva.

Since the girls' father, Matthias Kaspar Schepp, was found dead by a railway station in southern Italy on Thursday, the Swiss police say they have not turned up any firm evidence of the whereabouts of six-year-olds Alessia and Livia since they were reported missing on January 30.

Nor is anything yet certain, Swiss police in the state of Vaud said yesterday, about the girls' possible trail in Switzerland, France and Italy since they spent the last weekend in January at the home of their father in the Lausanne suburb of St Sulpice.

Authorities believe the 43-year-old Schepp, who was separated from his wife, threw himself under a train.

Irish Independent