Sunday 18 March 2018

Seagulls could attack babies next, expert warns

Gulls become aggravated when chicks learn how to fly

Cormac Fitzgerald

Aggressive seagulls could start killing babies if something isn’t done to reduce their numbers, a UK expert has warned.

Simon Prentis, of the Gull Awareness Group, has started an online petition urging the British government to fund research into the problem of seaside birds.

Seagulls in England have recently attacked and killed household pets, and have been spotted eating small rodents and even other birds, the Telegraph reports.

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Mr Prentis told newspapers that unless something is done, babies could be next:

“To a seagull, what's the difference between a dog playing on the lawn and a baby playing on the lawn?

"If somebody were to leave a baby sleeping in a pram or a push chair and left it unattended, it happens.

"I would not wish it on anybody but we're headed in that direction," he said.

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Mr Prentis’ calls come as the rogue birds have flown into the spotlight in Ireland and the UK following a spate of recent attacks on humans.

Gulls attacked a pensioner in Cornwall last week, leaving her bloodied and terrified. They have also been on the attack in Ireland and stealing food and phones out of people’s hands.

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