Wednesday 19 December 2018

Schoolboy with '10-a-day habit' has e-cigarette confiscated by teachers

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Sarah-Jane Murphy

A 14-year-old school boy who claims to have a '10-a-day smoking habit' has had an e-cigarette confiscated by teachers.

According to reports, Mason Dunne's mother bought him the e-cigarette.

She said hopes that her son will kick the smoking habit soon but is angry that teachers intervened without her consent.

"We have tried patches and have been to the doctor, but nothing worked, so my eldest son bought him an e-cigarette and it has helped him stop smoking cigarettes," she told

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"He has really made an effort.

"I went into school and explained the situation but was told it is against the school policy. He came home from school in a terrible state because he needed nicotine.

"I am not happy about the fact he smokes in the first place, but we have tried everything to help him stop.

‘"If it helps to prevent people from developing cancer at a later stage, I think it should be allowed," she added.

Mason is believed to have taken up smoking, without her realising, when his father died.

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Suzanne Pountain, the Greater Manchester school’s headmistress, said: ‘Kearsley Academy is a no-smoking site. We have a duty of care to our students to reinforce this and discourage them from doing so.

‘We offer students access to the school nurse and if necessary pathways such as the smoke cessation programme, if this is needed.

‘We will continue to work with and support Mason within the guidelines of our policy.

‘For the safeguarding of all our students, smoking, including the use of any nicotine inhalation devices are not allowed.’

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