Tuesday 20 February 2018

Sandwich fillings biggest concern for officers during summer riots

Mark Hughes in London

DURING the summer riots the police were criticised for their failure to seize control of the streets as disorder raged for days. But for some officers the biggest problem was the lack of decent sandwiches.

A report by the Police Federation listed the snacks offered to officers as one of the most pressing concerns to arise out of the disorder.

Officers complained "in vast numbers" about the choice of sandwich fillings. They said tuna, chicken and egg had a "limited shelf life", exposing them to the risk of food poisoning.

More than 8,000 officers responded to the report, 'Lessons from the Front Line'. It revealed a litany of problems faced by police, including complaints about equipment, lack of rest days and judgment of senior officers. But the report also cited several complaints about food quality.

One officer said: "(The sandwiches) always have a poor choice of filling. By the time you get to eating a tuna, chicken or egg sandwich they have been lying around in a warm van for hours."

Another said: "Sandwich fillings are poor, hence we now throw the sandwiches in the bin . . . Stop giving us rubbish."


The report referred to the complaints saying: "The sandwich fillings were a serious concern -- chicken, egg and fish are not appropriate as they have a limited life once outside chilled storage."

It said "snacks" should be reviewed. The serving of "sandwiches, crisps and cake" must be challenged as "these foods offer little or no nutritional value to officers already exhausted".

Officers also complained about the lack of bottled water. One said: "I only received one bottle of water for a tour of duty that was 19 hours long. I was so thirsty I feared I would pass out."

Irish Independent

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