Saturday 21 April 2018

Salmond attacks 'no' side tactics

The Scottish National Party's Alex Salmond
The Scottish National Party's Alex Salmond

Severin Carrell

Alex Salmond has attacked the campaign against Scottish independence as "the most miserable, negative and depressing" political movement in modern history, as he rallied his party ahead of September's referendum.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) leader yesterday told his party's spring conference that the negativity and a loss of faith in Westminster were driving hundreds of thousands of voters who were not nationalists to back a yes vote.

"The more the people of Scotland hear the case for no, the more likely they are to vote yes," Mr Salmond told more than 1,000 SNP activists. "They are already out of touch with the people and are now losing touch with reality."

Opinion polls show that, excluding don't knows, the yes vote is at 46 per cent, but including all voters, it is still under 40 per cent.

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