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Royal couple planning honeymoon in Jordan

THEIR honeymoon destination is still officially a closely guarded secret, but Prince William and Kate Middleton are believed to be planning a trip to Jordan.

The couple will honeymoon for two weeks and are understood to have booked a week-long tour of southern Jordan, taking in some of the country's most famous sites, including the ancient city of Petra and the Wadi Rum desert valley.

The newlyweds will leave London for their honeymoon the day after the wedding on April 29, and are believed to be considering several options for their break, with Jordan thought to be their preferred foreign destination.

They may also spend part of it at one of the Royal estates, possibly Balmoral, in Scotland.

While the couple will be hoping for some privacy following their marriage, which will be attended by 1,900 guests and watched by an anticipated global television audience of two billion, they are expected to travel with a team of protection officers if they head to Jordan.

Parts of the country remain volatile after the recent unrest throughout the Middle East and there have been protests in the capital of Amman this week calling for political and economic reform.

The Foreign Office warns there is a "general threat" of terrorism in Jordan following rocket attacks in the southern city of Aqaba last year. Al-Qaeda are believed to have several bases in the country.

Prince William, 28, and Miss Middleton, 29, are believed to have booked a tailor-made private tour of southern Jordan, including a visit to the Dead Sea and Petra.

The couple are also expected to visit Amman, to where Miss Middleton and her family moved in 1984.

Her father, Michael, worked there for two-and-a-half years, and Miss Middleton attended a nursery school in Amman from the age of three, where she is believed to have learned to speak basic Arabic. They may also pay an unofficial visit to King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan, who are close friends of the Royal family and will also be among the couple's wedding guests.

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