Thursday 19 April 2018

Retired teacher blames 'modern life' for her suicide

The former art teacher was frustrated with the trappings of modern life.
The former art teacher was frustrated with the trappings of modern life.

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A retired art teacher ended her life at Dignitas after becoming disillusioned with modern life.

The 89-year-old complained that modern technology was turning people into "robots," before travelling to the facility in Switzerland, to end her life – despite not being terminally ill.

Speaking days before her assisted suicide last month, the former teacher, who asked only to be identified as Anne, said she felt that she faced a choice either to "adapt or die" and was not prepared to adapt to a world in which technology took precedence over humanity.

Under the clinic's rules, those who seek to end their lives must convince doctors that they are terminally ill or suffering illness to such an extent that it will cause "unendurable pain or disability".

The pensioner from Sussex, England, had suffered in recent years from both heart and lung disease, which had necessitated stays in hospital – which she said she found "unadulterated hell".

She told doctors at the Swiss clinic she feared her life "full of adventures and tremendous independence" would end in a nursing home. Anne said that she had become frustrated with the trappings of modern life, including fast food, consumerism and the amount of time people spend watching TV.

Before her death last month she told 'The Sunday Times': "We are becoming robots. I find myself swimming against the current, and you can't do that. If you can't join them, get off."

She was accompanied to the Zurich clinic by her niece Linda (54) who was by her side when she died. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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