Friday 15 November 2019

Residents in shock as man falls from plane

Nick Britten in London

RESIDENTS in a quiet street were wakened by a "monstrous bang" caused by the body of a man who had fallen thousands of feet after apparently stowing away in an aeroplane.

They described seeing body parts strewn over a 30-yard area and pools of blood in the street.

Experts believe the man hid in the landing gear somewhere in North Africa but fell out as the aircraft prepared to land at Heathrow and the pilot put the wheels down.

Billy Watson (26) who lives opposite where the body fell, in Portman Avenue, Mortlake, south-west London said: "I saw the body all twisted up outside.

"Bits of his body were just everywhere."

Richard Taylor, from the Civil Aviation Authority, said the man was likely to have been dead the whole of the journey as he would have been crushed by the wheels after take-off or frozen in temperatures as low as -40C.

Irish Independent

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