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Publican convicted over body in freezer

A pub landlord who shot his partner and then concealed her body in a freezer has been found guilty of murder.

Michael Tucker (50) had denied murdering his partner, Rebecca Thorpe (28), at The Compasses Inn, Norfolk, England, in March of last year.

But following a week-long trial at Norwich Crown Court, the jury returned their unanimous verdict after 45 minutes of deliberation. Mr Justice Nicol said he would pass sentence tomorrow morning.

The court had earlier heard that Tucker had fetched a shotgun, owned by Ms Thorpe, following an argument in which she threatened to leave him and prevent him from seeing his children from a previous marriage.

Tucker shot his victim in the back of the head while she was in the bath at their home above the pub. He left her in the bath for two days before moving her corpse to a freezer in an out-house.

Tucker appeared to continue living a normal life before fleeing to the Isle of Wight, where he was arrested for murder on March 23 last year.

Tucker did not give evidence during the trial. Defence counsel Karim Khalil QC said his client had a history of depression and alcoholism.

Throughout the trial Thorpe claimed he had not intended to kill Ms Thorpe and said she provoked him.

Irish Independent