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Prisoner allowed to father baby

A prisoner in the UK is being allowed to father a baby from behind bars, following a decision based on human rights laws.

According to the Daily Mail, British Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke approved the inmate's request to have the child with his partner by artificial insemination.

The decision was based on the prisoner's "right to family life" under the Human Rights Act.

It comes after convicted criminal Wayne Bishop used the act to successfully appeal against an eight month prison sentence for burglary and dangerous driving.

The father-of-five, 33, argued the judgment breached his human rights and not enough consideration was given to the plight of his children

Judges at the Court of Appeal in London last week agreed and ruled his prison sentence should be suspended so he could look after his family.

Tory MP Philip Davies said the combined impact of the two cases raised the prospect of criminals fathering children from behind bars simply to demand they be let out.

He told the newspaper: "The public are sick to the back teeth of the human rights of criminals being put before the rights of decent law-abiding people, victims and taxpayers.

"The whole point of being in prison is that your liberties are taken away from you. What's the point of locking people up if this pseudo-court, with the help of Ken Clarke, is going to give them all their rights back?"

A request under the Freedom of Information Act revealed that one prisoner was allowed fertility treatment this year. It is not known who is funding the treatment.

Another five applications are still being considered by the Justice Secretary.