Wednesday 24 January 2018

Prince Harry tells of a 'gaping void' left by death of his mother Diana

Prince Harry. Photo: Getty
Prince Harry. Photo: Getty

Tom Morgan

Prince Harry has spoken of his struggles to find a partner, his difficulties in filling the "gaping void" left by his mother and his inner turmoil at the scrutiny that dominates his life.

However, the 31-year-old says he is focusing on work over his love life - until Prince George, his nephew, starts to make him look "boring".

The Prince said the British royal family is "completely aware we are in a very privileged position", but criticised "incessant" intrusions.

He admitted "massive paranoia" about even talking to women, because of the attention. "Even if I talk to a girl, that person is then suddenly my wife, and people go knocking on her door," he said.

The interest surrounding failed relationships with Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy has alarmed the Prince.

"If or when I do find a girlfriend, I will do my utmost… to ensure that me and her can get to the point where we're comfortable before the massive invasion that is inevitably going to happen into her privacy," he said.

"To be fair, I haven't had that many opportunities to get out there and meet people. At the moment, my focus is very much on work. But if someone slips into my life then that's absolutely fantastic.

"When people finish work in the City or wherever work is, if you want to have a bit of downtime, you might go to the pub with your mates," he said.

"I do that less, because it's not downtime for me. I don't know who I'm going to bump into, I don't know if someone's going to try and grab a selfie. So there is very little private life."

The Prince said he is still "trying to fill an unbelievable pair of boots" left by the death of his mother in a Paris car crash in 1997.

"What you see is what you get with me," he said. "It's genuine. I will always try and bring an element of fun and happiness to everything I do.

"That probably is subconsciously very much a part of my mother - trying to fill that void. Trying to fill an unbelievable pair of boots, whether it's her . . . or especially the Queen. It's a hard thing to do."

"There's this gaping void, not just in mine and William's lives, but there's a huge gaping void in a lot of other people's lives too," he said.

The Prince indicated he is bothered by his playboy image and criticism that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh carried out more official engagements than him and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge combined.

"I thought long and hard about getting a job," he said. "I did 10 years in the Army - best job in the world. I wanted to be valued in society in that sense . . . I don't get any satisfaction from sitting at home on my a***."

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