Monday 18 December 2017

Pregnant woman raped by man she helped – court

Tom Wilkinson

A pregnant woman wept as she told police she was raped in her home by a TV licensing official after she took pity on him when his car broke down in freezing weather, a court heard today.

Gary Catterick, 49, invited himself into her Middlesbrough home when she went out to ask if he wanted a hot drink last November, then attacked her in her front room, she claimed.

The defendant denies rape, saying sex between them while he waited for the AA to come and fix his car was consensual.

The jury at Teesside Crown Court was shown a video of a police interview with the tearful woman in which she said she realised Catterick had come into her home unannounced.

He had asked her for a coffee when she went out to ask if he wanted a drink, but she had expected him to have it outside.

They watched television for a while and then Catterick brought up the subject of sex before he suddenly kissed her and then raped her, she told police.

In her recorded interview, the woman said: "I was just in shock, I couldn't move."

Afterwards Catterick's phone rang and he went outside to answer, she said, which gave her the opportunity to ring a friend who came over. Soon after, the police were called.

The alleged victim said: "I was feeling sick and disgusted, like it was my own fault for letting him in.

"I was crying.

"I knew what he had done. He had raped me."

In the video she was asked by a detective if she had wanted Catterick to come inside the house when she offered him a drink.

The woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, replied: "I am not one for asking people to leave.

"I thought he would just have a cup of coffee and go."

The court has heard that the TV licensing official had been invited in earlier by a couple nearby but he had to leave when they went out. The female neighbour told police later that Catterick had made her feel "creepy".

After his arrest, Catterick, of Broadwell Road, Middlesbrough, told police he had been "a gentleman throughout", that the sex was consensual and that she had "egged him on", the court has heard.

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