Wednesday 18 September 2019

Pregnant woman asked to 'prove it' in order to get seat on crowded train

Sarah-Jane Murphy

A woman wearing a ‘baby on board’ badge was astounded when a fellow commuter asked her to provide proof of her pregnancy when she requested a priority seat.

Mother-of-one Raayan Zafar (32) from London, said she was "really, really embarrassed" after a man in his 40's asked her "where is the baby?"

"If you're going to take that seat, prove it."

The incident happened at Stockwell, on a Victoria Line tube, last Friday morning.

"It’s early days so that’s why I don’t show.

"But that doesn’t mean I’m not pregnant or tired or sick all the time.

"It was a long commute and I suffer from severe morning sickness.

"I’m on medication already," Zafar told the Evening Standard Newspaper.

She said she requested a priority seat and the man sitting there immediately got up to let her sit down.

"But then a lady tried to take the seat, so I made her notice me by saying “excuse me”.

"That lady realised I was going for the seat, but a passenger sitting nearby started arguing with me, saying the lady wanted to sit there and asking why I was taking the seat.

"I was shocked – is that the way to speak to a pregnant lady?

"Do I have to carry my maternity notes with me all the time," Zafar said.

Zafar believes the man’s attitude isn’t uncommon during rush hour on the Tube.

While many pregnant women wear the ‘baby on board’ badge she said she often sees them being ignored.

"As a nation we are losing our etiquette," Zafar said.

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