Thursday 23 November 2017

Potty-mouthed ice bucket toddler apologises online

Richard Vernalls

A cute toddler who sent shock waves through social media with her potty-mouthed reaction to the ice bucket challenge has said sorry.

Scarlett-Rose Davis, who is just three, belied her innocent appearance in an online video in which the soaked youngster used the f-word.

The little girl, who loves animals, today said she was sorry, and that she knew it was naughty to swear.

The footage, posted online by her grandmother Carla Davis, has gone viral, sparking reactions of both humour and appalled shock from viewers.

Some people have been highly critical of the family on social media, both about the foul language used and also exposing a toddler to ice-cold water.

However, 40-year-old Ms Davis said they used warm water for the challenge.

She added the toddler was "like a sponge", and had probably picked up the words after hearing it from strangers.

Scarlett-Rose, who lives with grandparents in Walsall, West Midlands, has also turned into "a little bit of a diva" since the footage went global, added Ms Davis.

However, the youngster, oblivious to the attention, nodded and flashed a cheeky smile when asked by reporters if she was sorry for using the swear word.

Ms Davis and the toddler's grandfather Stuart Ball, said Scarlett-Rose had never used the curse before, but was at an age where she was picking up new words.

"She's like a sponge," said Ms Davis, who originally nominated the toddler to do the challenge.

"She's good as gold - but her reaction was a shock, but then that is why it was so funny.

"I don't condone it and she knows it's a naughty word.

"She's never said it before."

Mr Ball had a theory for how Scarlett-Rose may have picked up the word.

"To be honest, I think she's heard it when we've been out and about, she just listens, and she's heard it when someone has said it in shock.

"She's just mimicking them - she never forgets a thing.

"I couldn't do the alphabet when I was 12, but she already knows so many words."

He said most of the feedback online about the video had been positive but accused the critics of "getting on the bandwagon".

"It was just a harmless thing and it's ended up all over the place.

"Some of the criticism has been too much, like people saying she'll be pregnant and have an Asbo when she's 10. That's not on, really.

"People say terrible things when they're sat behind a computer keyboard."

Mr Ball said he was "pleased" his granddaughter had got involved in a good cause.

"Any publicity for charity is a good thing," he added.

The online craze, which has seen celebrities and ordinary people upending buckets of ice cold water over themselves, has raised £2 million in the UK alone, according the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

An MNDA spokesman called the response "phenomenal" and "unprecedented".

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