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Pope tweets his followers in Latin for the first time


Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI

POPE Benedict has tweeted for the first time in Latin, a language Vatican officials claim is the perfect tongue to tweet in.

Pope Benedict's debut tweet in the dead language told followers that God asks them to "Orare semper, iustitiam factitare, amare probitatem, humiles Secum ambulare", which translates as "pray constantly, do justice, love goodness and walk humbly with Him".

A diehard Latin fan, Benedict has dubbed Twitter "Pagina publica breviloquentis", or "Concise, public page" on the welcome message on his Latin Twitter account at @Pontifex-ln, which had attracted more than 5,000 followers by yesterday. That adds to the 2.5 million followers of the Pope's accounts in eight other languages.

Benedict has tweeted regularly since December, and the Vatican daily, 'L'Osservatore Romano' reported that he had beaten Justin Bieber to set a new record for re-tweets in relation to the number of followers.

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