Monday 19 February 2018

Pope calls for wider availability of Latin Masses

Daniela Petroff in Rome

POPE Benedict yesterday issued an encyclical ordering bishops and priests to make the old Latin Mass more accessible.

If parishioners want to have the Latin Mass, Catholic clergy must now try to accommodate them.

The Pope first encouraged wider use of the Latin Mass in 2007 for those Catholics uncomfortable with the modern rite celebrated in the language of the congregation.

Vatican spokesman the Reverend Federico Lombardi said the norms were published to "reconcile differences" between those who are in favour of restoring the Latin rite and those who see it as a going backward in time to a more conservative church. He said that complaints from both sides were about equal.

Along with calling on bishops to implement the Pope's instructions by making more times available for the old rite, the document also stresses the need for Latin instruction for priests wanting to celebrate it.

The instruction was primarily issued because many bishops weren't implementing the Pope's directives to make the old rite more widely available. It asks that those seeking the rite be given a "generous welcome" by bishops and priests.

Irish Independent

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