Tuesday 28 January 2020

Policewoman shot in head after man grabs partner's gun

Police block a street near a subway station in Munich, Germany where a number of people were shot.
Police block a street near a subway station in Munich, Germany where a number of people were shot.

Danny Boyle in Munich

A POLICEWOMAN was shot in the head by a man who grabbed an officer's gun and opened fire, also injuring bystanders, at a commuter station in a Munich suburb.

Officers had been called to the Unterfoehring subway station following reports of a row among passengers on a train.

When officers arrived at the S-Bahn station in the northeastern suburb of the Bavarian city yesterday morning, a man attempted to push them onto the tracks.


Munich police spokesman Marcus da Gloria Martins said the attacker then managed to grab an officer's service pistol and fired several shots, before he was shot himself and was taken into custody.

The officer was described as being in a life-threatening condition. Two bystanders who were shot suffered less serious injuries.

The suspect was seriously injured in the gunfire, German police said. "There was one suspect and we've got him," Mr da Gloria Martins told reporters at the scene.

The station is popular with commuters heading to the Bavarian city.

Authorities do not believe that the incident was terrorism-related.

Police later said that there had been "no political or religious motive" in the shooting.

"The sole male perpetrator was motivated by personal reasons. There is no political or religious background here," Mr da Gloria Martins told reporters.

The incident happened in the Unterfoehring area of Munich.

Force spokesman Michael Riehlein said that the area had been "secured".

He said that there was no danger to the wider public.

Munich police said in a tweet: "Several people were injured by shots.

"A female police officer was badly wounded."

Authorities were called to the station at 8.20am to deal with a fist fight aboard a subway train, Munich police said in a written statement.

The first two officers to arrive on the scene confronted one of the men.

He shoved one of the officers and took his pistol.


The man then fired at the policeman's colleague, hitting her in the head.

The 26-year-old officer was being treated in hospital for her injuries, police said.

Other officers arriving on the scene were able to arrest the suspect after an exchange of fire with him.

Police had initially said the suspect had grabbed the wounded officer's pistol.

But they corrected that in a statement issued later.

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