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Police identify second woman's body in Sian murder case

BECKY GODDEN-EDWARDS'S family were yesterday coming to terms with the news they had been dreading for several years, as detectives investigating the murder of Sian O'Callaghan confirmed a second body was Becky's.

Only last year, her mother Karen Edwards had put out a heartfelt plea to the daughter who had disappeared in 2002, begging her to get in touch, unaware she was already in a shallow grave on farmland.

On Monday, on what would have been Miss Godden-Edwards's 29th birthday, her family received the news.

Neighbours at her mother's home in the affluent Shaw area of Swindon, Wiltshire, said she was utterly distraught.

"The family is completely devastated by the news of Becky's death and at this time wish to be left alone to grieve for our beautiful daughter," her family said yesterday, releasing a picture of Becky as a happy 15-year-old bridesmaid at her mother's second marriage to Charles Edwards.

But a short while later her life fell into chaos. She became estranged from her family, got into hard drugs and, by the age of 21, had vanished.

Her family, believing she was in Bristol, did not report her to the National Missing Persons Helpline until 2007.

Yesterday, a police source confirmed that her DNA was found on the database for a drugs-related offence.

"She came from a lovely family who were devastated by the loss," he said. "She got into drug abuse and got into a downward spiral. She was living a chaotic lifestyle. Her family knew that she had drifted into drug abuse.

"It's a crying shame it came to this. Her grandparents said she was a lovely young girl until various parties got their claws into her."

Her naked body was discovered as part of the investigation into the murder of 22-year-old Sian O'Callaghan. The arrest of taxi driver Christopher Halliwell, 47, led police to a Cotswold beauty spot 17 miles from where the first woman's remains had been found. (© Independent News Service)

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