Wednesday 22 November 2017

Pizza from restaurant 'saltier than the Atlantic'

Martin Hickman in London

A RESTAURANT has been selling pizzas that are saltier than Atlantic seawater, according to research published yesterday.

The restaurant, in Mill Hill, north London, was singled out in research by health professionals who carried out spot checks on pizzerias across Britain. They said the pepperoni pizza from the Adam & Eve restaurant contained 10.57 grams of salt, or 2.73g per 100g of pizza, meaning it is saltier than Atlantic seawater, which contains 2.5g of salt per 100g.

The study found that on average takeaway pizzas had 2.5 times the salt content of those bought from supermarkets. However, some supermarket pizzas were still too high in salt.

The study singled out a Tesco pepperoni stone-baked pizza with 4.7g of salt, almost the entire daily recommended maximum for an adult.

To mark Salt Awareness Week, Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) and the Association of London Environmental Health Managers analysed 199 margherita and pepperoni pizzas from local takeaways, pizza chains and leading supermarkets across the country.


Half of the takeaway pizzas contained an adult's entire maximum daily recommendation for salt of 6g, with a few containing more than 10g. On average the takeaway pizzas had 2.7g of salt per 100g of pizza, compared with 1.08g per 100g in the supermarket versions.

CASH said many supermarkets had made "great progress" in removing salt from their house brands, with Morrison's performing particularly well, having five of the 10 lowest-salt own-brand pizzas surveyed.

The top five saltiest supermarket pizzas were:

1. Tesco Full-on-Flavour Simply Pepperoni, 1.8g salt/100g.

2. Iceland Stonebaked Spicy Double Pepperoni, 1.7g.

3. Morrison's Triple Pepperoni, 1.7g.

4. Dr Oetker Pepperoni Salame, 1.68g.

5. Dr Oetker Casa di Mama Quattro Formaggi, 1.6g. (© Independent News Service)

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