Monday 23 October 2017

'Pius was silent over Holocaust'

Pope Pius XII did not speak out against the Holocaust because he was more concerned about communism, according to an Italian historian.

In December, Pope Benedict XVI put Pius XII on the path to sainthood by recognising his "heroic virtues".

But Author Giuseppe Casarrubea claims that Francis D'Arcy Osborne, the British Ambassador to the Holy See, had asked Pius XII to support a protest against the murder of 400,000 Hungarian Jews. The Pope said that if he did condemn the atrocity it would be anonymous. Then in 1943, Harold Tittmann, the US Ambassador, said that Pius XII was indifferent to the fate of a thousand Jews rounded up in Rome and sent to Auschwitz, showing more concern over "communist gangs", Mr Tittmann said. © The Times, London.

Irish Independent

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