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Pippa a little trigger happy

Oh to be royal by association. Pippa Middleton is clearly enjoying the delights of having all of the prestige and none of the responsibility. It means, for example, she can pop off to Paris dressed up like Marie Antoinette without any fear for her neck, for a start.

And though spoilsports and traditionalists may carp that one's reputation, as sister of a future queen, is an equally precious commodity, clearly they've never been to a party thrown by Parisian playboy -- Vicomte A, or Vicomte Arthur de Soultrait to you and me, at whose recent 30th birthday bash Pippa was a guest of honour.

It was a fancy dress affair with decadence to match Versailles, featuring entertainment in the form of burlesque dancers, dwarfs and, um, dog leads. Though the latter were surely just an unfortunate styling accident.

Her invitation was an honour she took quite seriously, it seems. Apparently she and Antoine de Tavernost, were seen having a cheeky snog at the end of the night. Pippa's sister might be the one with the official engagements and duties, but at least she too is doing her bit, working so hard to maintain close cross-channel relations.

When she and Antoine squeezed into socialite-lawyer Romain Rabillard sports car next day, there was enough ersatz royalty in one vehicle to make up an episode of Made in Chelsea. Their high spirits were promptly dampened, however, after they caused a minor security alert by waving around a toy gun in the car. Poor things, perhaps they got too caught up in the role-play and began to believe that the peasants were revolting.

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