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Pete Doherty 'morally responsible' for death of heiress says boyfriend

A former boyfriend of Goldsmith heiress Robyn Whitehead has said he holds the rock singer Pete Doherty's drug fuelled lifestyle morally responsible for her drug taking which led to her death.

Miss Whitehead filmed herself taking crack cocaine with the former lead singer of The Libertines just hours before she suffered a drug overdose in January last year.

Jake Fior, 47, her former partner, described the 27-year-old’s death as an “obscenity” and blamed the culture of drugs surrounding Doherty – who has a string of convictions for possessing illegal substances – for her early death.

Mr Fior, who produced Doherty’s first top ten hit 'For Lovers’, said that the prevalence of hard drugs amongst the singer’s entourage meant it was very difficult to avoid taking them.

Miss Whitehead, the great niece of the late Sir James Goldsmith, spent the last 10 days of her life making a film about Doherty.

As part of the documentary she filmed herself and Doherty, 32, smoking from a homemade pipe at the flat of his friend Peter Wolfe.

Babyshambles singer can be seen smoking from the adapted brandy bottle and then passing it to Miss Whitehead.

The following morning Miss Whitehead was found dead at the Hackney flat, east London. A post mortem examination showed she had cocaine in her body but that she had died from heroin poisoning.

Doherty was sentenced to six months in prison after pleading guilty to possession of cocaine. Wolf, 42, was sentenced to 12 months after admitting supplying drugs.

The judge ruled that there was no evidence to suggest that cocaine supplied to Whitehead was responsible for her death.

Mr Fior told The Observer: “The media are calling this a tragedy, but for a brilliant, beautiful, vibrant 27-year-old girl to have gone into that flat and not come out, it is not a tragedy, it’s an obscenity.”

“If you have the peer pressure that exists in any situation with Doherty and his entourage then I think that your free will is going to be severely compromised, especially over trying a drug that is being taken openly and almost ritually by people that you might be trying to fit in with.”

Mr Fior, who dated Miss Whitehead but was just friends with the filmmaker by the time of her death, said Doherty and his friends had reduced her to tears on the morning she died.

Talking of photographs that she had taken Mr Fior said: “They’re quite horrific. It’s Doherty’s entourage, all the people who hang around him, extraordinary people smoking crack pipes and looking desperate. But because of Robyn’s talent the work is brilliant as well as frightening and truthful. I don’t suppose Doherty liked that for a moment, and I believe that’s why they reduced her to tears the morning of her death.”

He also revealed that Miss Whitehead had grown tired of making the film that Doherty had wanted her to make. “She told me she’d been having a horrible time trying to make 'Road to Albion’ from day one,” he said.

Miss Whitehead’s mother, Dido Whitehead, is a cousin of Jemima Khan, the socialite and free speech campaigner, and Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative MP. Her father is the 1960s filmmaker Peter Whitehead.

Last month the mother of a Cambridge graduate who fell to his death from a balcony after an argument with Doherty and two other men during a party called for the singer to face justice.

The Babyshambles star, his minder Johnny ‘Headlock’ Jeannevol and literary agent Paul Roundhill were told in May that they will not face charges over the death of 30-year-old Mark Blanco at Mr Roundhill's flat in 2006.

Sheila Blanco blamed the decision not to prosecute on the "shambolic" Scotland Yard investigation into the death and she was considering bringing private charges.

She told the Daily Mail: "It is a police cover-up. We have a lot of evidence – medical, scientific and witness statements – which does not seem to have been taken seriously."