Tuesday 17 September 2019

Paris Terror Attacks: Sky News' Kay Burley branded 'insensitive' for tweeting about sad Parisian dog

Some have defend the news anchor, saying that animals can feel sadness
Some have defend the news anchor, saying that animals can feel sadness

David Kearns

Sky news anchor Kay Burley has been widely mocked for tweeting an image of a Parisian dog she said was "sad" following the deadly terror attacks in the French capital which killed 129 people.

The journalist and well-known dog lover shared a picture of an old Labrador with the comment "Sadness in his eyes # parisattacks” earlier today.

Perhaps misjudging the mood so soon after the worst terrorism attack in French history, Ms Burley has been roundly lampooned on social media for posting the image.

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While many have condemned the tweet as inappropriate, with some readers criticising her for "lazy" journalism and others accusing her of ‘devaluing  the real victims of the massacre’, many more have taken to parodying the tweet by producing spoof images of other animals and even everyday items expressing  “sadness in their eyes”.

Some social media users also defended Ms Burley, saying that “dogs can feel sadness” and that the image had cheered them up.

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The 54-year-old herself responded to the criticism by posting a Tweet several hours later which said: “Only one thing worse than being talked about…” 

The hashtag #sadnessinhiseyes has now begun trending in the UK and Ms Burley’s tweet has been shared more than 2,000 times.

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