Monday 23 September 2019

Massive blaze sweeps through Calais 'Jungle' hours after Paris terror attacks

The aftermath of the fire in Calais Credit: Tomasz Sekielski\Twitter
The aftermath of the fire in Calais Credit: Tomasz Sekielski\Twitter

David Kearns

A huge fire broke out at the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp near the French port of Calais, hours after a deadly terror attack left 127 dead in Paris.

It is understood that hundreds of shelters were destroyed as the blaze swept through the crowded camp, home to some 6,000 migrants.

At around 11pm volunteers helping those living in tents near the northern French port shared pictures and video on social media.

It has been reported that the ‘massive fire’ began in the Sudanese part of the camp before spreading to other neighbouring sites.

There had been immediate speculation that the camp was set on fire in retaliation for the Paris attacks, which left over a hundred dead.

But Calais’ deputy mayor Phillipe Mignonet refuted these allegations.

“That is two separate things, and the fire there has nothing to do with the attacks in Paris tonight,” he told news outlet RT.

According to local reports, the cause of the blaze appears to have been an electrical fault.

Over the past week, the infamous Jungle refugee camp has been engulfed in clashes between law enforcement officers and migrants.

The camp has become a temporary home for thousands of asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa.

Tensions have risen in Calais since the imposition of tough new security measures, including 15ft-tall, razor-topped fences and increased police patrols.

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