Monday 19 August 2019

Gut-wrenching footage shows woman escape jihadist's spray of bullets when his gun jammed in Paris terror attack Newdesk

Terrifying video footage of an attack on a restaurant during Friday’s Paris terror attack has emerged today.

In the gut-wrenching video, one woman’s stroke of luck can be seen when the terrorist's assault rifle misfired as he held the weapon over her head. Luckily, she had the chance to escape.

The woman was one of the lucky people to escape with her life amidst the horrifying massacre which left 129 people dead and 99 critically injured.

As the Islamic State gunman sprayed the restaurant with bullets, a 20 year old waitress also ducked under the bar and wrapped her arms around an older, injured woman.

This shocking footage, courtesy of the Daily Mail, is the first time to emerge from within a venue affected by the massacre.

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