Monday 23 October 2017

Parents wrongly accused of infant abuse fight to regain custody of child

Karissa Cox and Richard Carter
Credit: Good Morning Britain
Karissa Cox and Richard Carter Credit: Good Morning Britain

Sarah-Jane Murphy

A couple have spoken of their fight to reunite their family after being wrongly accused of abusing their baby.

Karissa Cox and Richard Carter, from Guilford, have embarked on a legal challenge to regain custody of their child who was put up for adoption prior to them being cleared of wrongdoing.

Hospital staff incorrectly suspected signs of violence against the baby during a routine home visit.

The couple were charged with child cruelty and their baby was taken into foster care.

''It's painful for people to think you might have hurt your own child. It felt unreal," Karissa told Good Morning Britain today.

The case against them collapsed when evidence revealed that their child's bruising and bone deformities were due to an existing medical condition.

However by that stage the child had been adopted by another family.

It has left the couple devastated.

''This just rips your soul away from your body,'' Richard said.

''I wish it on no one.''

Now the couple are determined to fight as long as it takes to get their child back.

''Even if it doesn't go well in the appeal, I will fight with every breath I've got left,'' said Richard.

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