Tuesday 24 October 2017

Outcry as man swallows two live goldfish in NekNomination video

Aishling Phelan

A man swallowed two live goldfish in another bizarre contribution to the NekNomination social media craze.

Ben Elphick was accused of animal cruelty after he poured two goldfish into alcohol concoctions and drank them in a matter of seconds.

The recently-sprung online game involves people being nominated to drink large, sometimes lethal, amounts of alcohol and then posting a video online.

The drinking dare, which has been linked to two deaths in Ireland, has resulted in many participants carrying out crazy stunts in order to better one another.

Mr Elphick stripped down to his boxers to carry out his online video.

After making up the cocktail of spirits, which included vodka and tequila, he stunned viewers by pulling a water-filled plastic bag containing a goldfish from behind a counter.

Cutting the bag open with a scissors, he scooped the fish up in his hand and gestured to the camera as it rattled on his palm.

He then dropped it into the alcohol mix and swallowed it whole in seconds.

He then shocked viewers even further declaring proudly that ‘‘it’s time for dessert.’’

‘‘What a surprise, another fish,’’ he said as he lifted a baseball cap off a nearby table, revealing a glass with another goldfish swimming around it.

Once again, he necks the fishy cocktail in a couple of seconds.

After belching and trying to catch his breath, he nominated three friends to take part in the online drinking challenge.

Many of his online friends described the dare as "heroic" and "superb."

However, many were quick to denounce the drinking act.

"You may think oh well, it's just two fish. Fish get eaten all the time," said Jaymie-leigh Weeks.

"Yeah, but they don't get killed the way you just killed them, giving them a slow, probably agonizing death. What makes you think you have the right to torture an animal like this?"

Elphick defended his actions saying, ‘‘At the end of the day, why would a magician reveal his secrets? Swallowing a fish and bringing it up will cause no pain to a fish.’’

A young woman received death threats after swallowing a goldfish as part of the deadly online drinking craze.

A video of Rachel Carey putting the animal into an alcoholic drink and then swallowing it went viral on the internet.

A Facebook site set up to capture the exploits of those taking part in the game has been taken down following the tragedies.

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