Saturday 16 November 2019

One of poisoner Victorino Chua's victims 'may never recover' from serious brain damage

By Kim Pilling

One of the victims of poisoner Victorino Chua might never recover from the serious brain damage he suffered at the nurse's hands, according to his lawyer.

Grant Misell, 41, is no longer able to continue his previous employment as a corporate treasurer and faces a lengthy rehabilitation process, with his quality of life "greatly diminished".

After being admitted to Stepping Hill Hospital he was left in the sole care of Chua, who administered a saline drip which was contaminated with insulin during his nightshift.

At the handover to dayshift nurses, Chua recorded Mr Misell as "alert" but half an hour later Mr Misell was found, twitching, deeply unconscious and at one point stopped breathing.

His blood sugar level was "life-threateningly low" and he was transferred to intensive care and survived but suffered brain damage through lack of oxygen

Law firm Slater and Gordon is representing Mr Misell in a civil claim against the hospital trust.

Clinical negligence lawyer Stephen Jones said: "While Mr Misell is considered to be one of the survivors of what happened at Stepping Hill, the incident resulted in serious brain damage from which he may never recover.

"He suffers from memory loss, struggles to concentrate or make decisions and still sometimes slurs when speaking. This has affected his confidence and it has been recommended that he has treatment for depression and post-traumatic stress.

"Prior to the incident, Mr Misell had worked hard for many years as a corporate treasurer. However, he no longer possesses the mental ability to work in this capacity and his quality of life is greatly diminished as he is now financially extremely vulnerable.

"Not only has this affected Mr Misell but it has also been a deeply distressing ordeal for his family who at one point were told to prepare for the worst and thought they might lose him for good.

"They have been and continue to be beside him every step of the way in his lengthy rehabilitation and I hope the verdict today will give them all some closure and enable them to focus on the future."

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