Saturday 21 July 2018

One million book place to see the Turin Shroud

More than a million people have reserved places to see the Turin Shroud when it goes on public display this spring for the first time in 10 years.

Revered by many as Jesus Christ's burial cloth, but described by some as a medieval forgery, it has fascinated pilgrims and scientists alike.

Visitors to Turin cathedral, where the shroud is kept in a bulletproof climate-controlled case, will get three to five minutes to admire it during the April 10 to May 23 showing.

Organisers are hoping for as many as two million over the 44 days, with interest expected to be bolstered by the presence of the Pope on May 2. Viewing is free by reservation, which can be made online.

Just how long a visitor can view will depend on how packed the cathedral is, but there will be a maximum time of five minutes, organisers said.

Traditionally, the public gets a peek at the Shroud every 25 years, but the last showing was arranged after only two years in 2000 for the new millennium -- a holy year for the Roman Catholic church.

It will be the first public showing since it underwent a restoration in 2002.

Irish Independent

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