Tuesday 24 October 2017

One in 10 adults still sleeps with their teddy bear

John Fahey in London

Nearly 10pc of British adults still go to bed with their teddy bear and more than 70pc believe they do not get enough sleep, according to a new survey.

A poll of 3,000 adults found 34pc of women blamed their partner hogging the duvet for their disturbed sleep and 54pc were kept awake by snoring.

However, women still seemed to get the better deal, with 21pc regularly getting more than eight hours' sleep compared with just 14pc of men.

The survey, commissioned by IKEA, found 57pc of respondents lay awake at night worrying about work or money -- resulting in 10pc checking emails, 6pc waking their partner, 26pc listening to music and 18pc believing sex would help.

More than 50pc blamed a poor mattress for their lack of sleep.

Researchers discovered 72pc of Britons took less than 10 minutes to choose a mattress. A third of those polled made the decision in under five minutes.

Those questioned displayed traditional British reserve about testing a bed in store:

•31pc admitted feeling shy when testing a mattress.

•26pc admitted they were too embarrassed to even lie down on a mattress in a shop.

•Only 15pc of couples would lie down to test it together.

•9pc believed the best way to test a mattress was to push down with their hands.

•2pc would mimic sexual positions when testing a mattress.

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