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Offensive window display removed

A SHOP owner has been told to remove a urinating mannequin from his window after police were called.

The owner of menswear shop Philip Browne, in Norwich, had put a mannequin urinating on a wall, surrounded by empty champagne bottles and party poppers to depict the aftermath of a night out, in the store's window.

Forestry officials in Burma have seized nearly 10,000 snakes in 400 crates which were to be smuggled to China.

Fifty cobras were among the 9,176 snakes seized. An unknown number of people were arrested and could face a five-year jail sentence.

THE leader of a new left-wing party in Poland threatened to light up a joint in parliament -- but just burned incense instead.

Janusz Palikot, who is campaigning to get soft drugs legalised, told reporters he was going to "burn some grass" in a room in the parliament building in Warsaw. In the end, Mr Palikot lit incense sticks containing a tiny amount of cannabis.

AN Arizona couple who committed suicide planned to lure police officers to their remote home and kill as many as possible before ending their own lives, a sheriff's official said.

Captain Eben Bratcher told the 'Yuma Sun' that Jesse Firestone and his wife Diedre planned to blow up their house as a SWAT team entered. The pair were found dead in the home two days after it exploded last month while surrounded by police.

A customer at a South Carolina Waffle Shop shot dead one of two men trying to rob the eatery.

The dead man was identified as 19-year-old Dante Williams, of Roebuck. Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright declined to identity the customer, citing concerns for his safety.

SIMON Cowell has revealed plans to offer the winner of this year's 'Britain's Got Talent' the chance to perform in space.

The media mogul said he is in talks with Richard Branson, who is sponsoring the show, about blasting the next champion into orbit with the tycoon's space venture, Virgin Galactic.

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