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Nurse accused of having sex with 14-year-old boy was beaten up by his mother

Police dropped their first investigation but in 2007 Miss Horsley was questioned again after the boy said he had intercourse with her a number of times
Police dropped their first investigation but in 2007 Miss Horsley was questioned again after the boy said he had intercourse with her a number of times

Antony Stone

A DISTRICT nurse accused of having sex with a teenage boy was beaten up by his mother and lived in fear of his family, a professional standards panel heard today.

Victoria Horsley, 36, is accused of having a three-year sexual relationship with the boy, who was aged 14 at the outset.

She denied all allegations of sex against her today giving evidence at a Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) hearing.

She dismissed ever having bought alcohol for him and other teenage boys and having sex when she "lost her inhibitions".

She also rejected suggestions that because he was so young she thought no one would believe him if he said what was happening.

The mother of two, of Benllech, Anglesey, North Wales, claimed today she was branded a "paedophile" by the boy's mother and beaten up.

She also claimed the boy's father had "stalked her" in Bangor and beaten up her own father and her brother on separate occasions.

The teenager, referred to only as Child A at the NMC hearing in Cardiff, claims Horsley would drive him to the seaside for sex sessions on the beach.

He claims she tried to tear off his clothes and have sex even when he was disinclined himself.

His younger brother, referred to as Child B, has testified to seeing Horsley and his brother naked, having sex at her own home.

Horsley was working for North West Wales NHS Trust during the alleged three-year relationship with the teenager.

Police were called in to investigate claims she was having a sexual relationship with Child A in the summer of 2006.

She said today that up until that point Child A and B and occasional friends visited her home to play with her children.

After the allegations they began hanging around outside her home while the police inquiry continued, as if nothing had changed.

At the time she was suspended from work but did not tell her parents or her partner about the police investigation.

No action was taken against her and she was reinstated at work and warned to see nothing more of Child A and B or their family.

A second investigation was also carried out by the police later on which concluded there was insufficient evidence to prosecute.

Horsley said today the boys and their friends hung around outside her home on a regular basis from January 2007, asking for lifts.

"I never invited them to come round or asked them to come round, it was all uninvited and imposed upon me," she said.

She added that she felt so intimidated by them she gave in and regularly agreed to drive them to nearby villages to see their friends.

She said she felt "trapped" and "frightened" by them and agreed she should never have given them lifts.

"They are extremely nasty pieces of work who do not listen to what you say and do not take any notice of anything anyone tells them," she told the hearing.

She said she felt that by "giving in" and driving them where they wanted to go they were at least no longer hanging around outside.

She added that after she had been interviewed by the police one of the boys had rung her at home demanding to know what she had told them.

Eventually she became so "stressed out" by the constant attention she moved back to live with her parents.

She said the boys discovered where she was then living and began "hanging around and knocking on the door" asking for lifts.

Horsley faces being struck off over the alleged affair with the teenager if the panel finds the case against is proved.

She denies having sex with child A between 2005 and 2008.

She also denies allowing child A and child B to drive her NHS car on dates between 2005 and 2007.

She also denies maintaining contact with child A and child B contrary to advice given to her by her employer.

She admits allowing a teenage friend of the brothers to drive her NHS car on or around April 16, 2007.

Horsley was questioned today regarding her admission to letting child C drive her NHS car.

She claimed that on the occasion in question she had felt so scared that she had given in and allowed the drive to happen.

At the time the boy was aged 16 and had neither a licence nor, as a result, insurance.

Child A and B were in the car during the drive which she said was over a quarter of a mile near to where the boy lived.

She said the car came to a stop due to another car flashing its lights behind them.

When they stopped it proved to be the mother of child C who called the parents of child A and B, who quickly arrived on the scene.

Horsley claimed they forced her to get into their car and drove it and her car without permission to what proved to be an unmanned police station.

She said the mothers of child A and B and C assaulted her and claimed to the police that she was a paedophile when they arrived.

She said she was put into a police car "for my own safety" and later driven to a station where she gave a statement.

She admitted allowing child C to drive her car after he had put learner plates on it.

She also admitted today to having allowed him to drive in a car park in the same car the day before.

She said that on the following day the father of child A called at her parents' home and assaulted her father.

No complaint was made against anyone for any of the alleged attacks and no police action was taken

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