Monday 27 January 2020

Norwegian fighter jet accidentally fires at its own control tower during target practice

'Something went wrong'

F-16 fighter jet (file photo)
F-16 fighter jet (file photo)

The Norwegian Air Force has said an F-16 fighter jet accidentally fired a hail of bullets at its own control tower during target practice.

Air Force spokesperson Major Stian Roen said the aircraft was supposed to fire at a simulated target on the airfield, but “something went wrong” and the jet instead fired at a lookout tower near three military personnel earlier this month.

Major Roen said nobody was hurt in the incident, which occurred on 13 April, but the lookout tower has been slightly damaged by the gunfire.

The incident is being investigated by a special commission, but Major Roen said no further detail could be given pending the outcome.

Another Norwegian fighter jet made headlines on Friday, when the F-16 aircraft was used to supply emergency medical equipment to a hospital in Bodø, saving the life of a critically ill patient.

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