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NI chauffeur tells court police took corrupt cash

A former News International chauffeur claims that part of his job was to "hand over packets to police officers" that were part of a "corrupt payments" system, a court heard yesterday.

Paul Malley, from Haslemere in Surrey, is charged with fraud and falsely claiming to be a senior police officer involved in high-level work. His lawyer said the case against Mr Malley involved an attempt to discredit him as a witness. A sergeant, Sanjit Rai, was allegedly among those who received payments and was involved in the conspiracy against Mr Malley.

The court was told Mr Malley had entered into a deal with Simon Heavens to set up a specialist security company. Mr Heavens claimed Mr Malley's experience in "close protection" police work was key to the firm's success. He said after Mr Malley failed to provide a CV, he became suspicious.

Mr Malley's defence is expected to begin tomorrow.

Irish Independent