Monday 23 October 2017

Newspapers urge EU to protect creative content

Grainne Cunningham

NEWSPAPER publishers have urged the EU to recognise the value of creative content and ensure respect for copyright in the digital environment.

The European News Publishers Association (ENPA) passed the Dublin resolution at its general assembly, stressing the importance of the right EU legislative framework to encourage continued investment in authoritative media content.

In a statement, the ENPA said: "Creating original content is costly and often complex. Without copyright safeguards sustaining publishing and news-gathering, public insight and the democratic process will be the poorer.

"Newspapers, published in both print and digital formats, build bridges between Europe's citizens. The news media sector needs the conditions necessary to continue delivering quality, professional content on all platforms and meet consumers' evolving demands."

The ENPA's President, Ivar Rusdal, said: "In the current discussions on copyright, it is vital for politicians to recognise that creative content is the very core of our business. Investment in quality and authoritative content is essential to the future success of the newspaper industry working across all platforms.

"The news media sector has a great future ahead of it because never before have so many people read, used and referred to our content. Publishers need legal certainty and respect for copyright in order to thrive in the future, as creators, producers and distributors of professional content. In this way, newspapers can continue to inform, educate and engage debate in European society," he added.

MEP Seán Kelly, of Fine Gael was special guest speaker at the ENPA General Assembly. Mr Kelly, who is currently rapporteur for the report on data protection in the Industry Committee of the European Parliament, stressed the vital role of newspapers and press freedom in democratic society.

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