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Newborn baby left on London doorstep with note in Polish

A NEWBORN girl has been found abandoned in a holdall on a doorstep, police said.

A note written in Polish was left with the baby who was dumped opposite the Polish centre in London Road, Reading, Berkshire, yesterday evening.

The infant, believed to be between two and three weeks old, is being cared for by medical staff at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Officers from Thames Valley Police said early indications suggest she is unharmed.

They added that they are concerned for her mother, who may need medical help.

Police received a call at 8.59pm yesterday, and officers believe the baby may have been left on the doorstep about an hour and a half earlier.

Superintendent Stuart Greenfield, from Thames Valley Police, said: "Early indications are that the baby appears unharmed, with no immediate evidence of any injuries or trauma.

"Our main concern now is for the welfare of her mother, who may need medical assistance.

"We are keen to hear from anyone who saw anything at the time, or may have any information, no matter how small, which could assist in identifying who left the baby.

"We believe that she was left on the doorstep between 7.30pm and 9pm.

"Although we cannot say for certain that one or both of her parents are Polish, the fact that the note was written in Polish leads us to think that this may be the case.

"Therefore, we would be particularly keen to hear from anyone within the Polish community in Reading who may have any information relating to the baby or her mother."