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New under-age girl linked to sex parties at Berlusconi villa

Silvio Berlusconi had encounters with a second under-age showgirl, prosecutors claimed yesterday, as more details emerged about "bunga bunga" sex parties at his homes.

Iris Berardi (19), a Brazilian, is believed to have been only 17 when she went to Mr Berlusconi's summer villa in Sardinia in November 2009 and his palazzo near Milan a month later.

Prosecutors have found an appointments diary in which she listed several meetings with Mr Berlusconi, whom she referred to as "Papi" or Daddy, although she made no specific mention of sex.

The Brazilian model listed at least eight occasions on which she was paid €2,000 last year, according to leaked transcripts.

The prime minister (74) is already accused of paying for sex with a teenage dancer known as Ruby the Heart Stealer.

It is also alleged that he abused his office in pressuring police to release her on theft charges.

As the scandal deepened, the opposition said Mr Berlusconi's position was "untenable".

Signs emerged that one of the women at the heart of the investigation was turning against him.

Nicole Minetti (25), an Anglo-Italian he helped to propel into a politics as a regional councillor in Lombardy, was recorded two weeks ago as calling the prime minister "a piece of s**t" and "an old man" who had ruined her life and "is trying to save his own flabby a***."

Ms Minetti is under investigation on suspicion of procuring prostitutes for Mr Berlusconi, a charge she denies.


In another intercepted phone call, she told Barbara Faggioli (24), a former 'Playboy' model, that Italian politics was "a mess" but warned that "if he (Berlusconi) goes down, we all go down".

The prime minister recently gave an interview defending the character of Ms Minetti.

The new allegations were in a 227-page dossier submitted to a parliamentary committee by prosecutors investigating allegations that Mr Berlusconi hand-picked prostitutes for wild parties.

The new dossier contains salacious details about Mr Berlusconi and his friends being entertained by showgirls.

One of the "bunga bunga" parties was described by Maria Makdoum, a North African belly dancer, who said that in June, 2010, she was asked by a friend of the prime minister whether she wanted to "become part of his harem".

She said she went to several dinners, at the end of which Mr Berlusconi would say: "Now let's do the bunga bunga."

She said she performed a belly dance while Mr Berlusconi allegedly "touched the intimate parts" of twin show girls, dressed "only in their pants and bras".

"Then the Brazilian girl, who was wearing a thong, danced an X-rated version of the samba," Miss Makdoum said. "The prime minister touched her breasts and her intimate parts. I was horrified."

Mr Berlusconi has denied ever paying for sex and called the latest batch of allegations "scandalous".

One of Italy's senior female politicians accused him of degrading women.

Rosy Bindi, the president of the Democratic Party, said: "Italian women are paying the highest price for this scandal, with an image being spread of women whose value is reduced to their bodies and who become tradable goods at the disposal of the sultan, the emperor." (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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