Tuesday 20 March 2018

New evidence backs up claims Hitler had son with French teen

Ian Parkes in Paris

New evidence has emerged to back up claims Adolf Hitler had a son with a French teenager while serving as a soldier during World War One.

The son, Jean-Marie Loret (67), who died in 1985, never met his father, but went on to fight Nazi forces during World War Two. His extraordinary story has now been backed up by compelling evidence, both in France and in Germany, which is published in French magazine 'LePoint'.

According to 'LePoint', Hitler had an affair with Mr Loret's mother, Charlotte Lobjoie (16), as he took a break from the trenches in June 1917.

Although he was fighting the French near Seboncourt, in the northern Picardy region, Hitler made his way to Fournes-en-Weppe, a small town west of Lille, for regular leave, where he met Ms Lobjoie.

The pair started a brief relationship, which resulted in the birth of Jean-Marie, who was born in March 1918.

Just before her death in the early 1950s, Ms Lobjoie finally told Jean-Marie that his father was the most infamous dictator in human history. Mr Loret revealed the secret to Francois Gibault, a Parisian lawyer, in 1979, announcing: "I am Hitler's son."


The magazine has now published a revised account of Mr Loret's incredible story.

According to it, Ms Lobjoie recalled meeting the German soldier while she was working cutting hay with other women.

"He had some kind of cardboard and seemed to be drawing. All of the women found this soldier interesting and wanted to know what he was drawing. They picked me to try to approach him," she said.

The relationship reportedly developed, with Ms Lobjoie quoted as saying: "He loved to take me on walks trough the countryside. But these walks generally ended rather bad. Your father, inspired by nature, undertook a discourse I didn't really understand much. He didn't speak French, and spoke in German, addressing an imaginary audience."

A study by the University of Heidelberg shows that Hitler and Mr Loret have the same blood group. Another study showed that their handwriting was similar.

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