Sunday 19 November 2017

New bride loses it in row over TV programme and ‘fatally stabs’ husband

Wesley Johnson

A NEWLY married woman stabbed her husband to death over an argument about what to watch on television, the Old Bailey in London heard today.

Leonora Sinclair (50) stabbed a knife into husband Lloyd's thigh and decided to say he had fallen on a broken wine glass as he lay bleeding to death, jurors were told.

They had been married 10 months but Sinclair had been violent towards him, said Bobbie Cheema, prosecuting.

On one occasion he turned up for work with a limp and bruising which he said she had caused.

Another time Mr Sinclair, (73), told his son Vincent that she had broken his arm, it was alleged.

Miss Cheema said: "She found an element of enjoyment in humiliating him."

On Saturday January 15 there had been an argument. Mr Sinclair phoned his brother and "seemed frightened of his wife". Later she telephoned for an ambulance and was found to be drunk when police arrived.

She made a number of unsolicited comments to officers.

Miss Cheema said: "She said that she and Lloyd had an argument about what to watch on television. Lloyd had smashed a glass on the hallway floor in anger and left the house."

When he returned he called out to her after falling on the glass in the hallway.

But now, said Miss Cheema, Sinclair was claiming that her husband had the kitchen knife and had accidentally stabbed himself after a struggle in which he had her in a headlock.

Sinclair, a dental nurse from Windward Close, Enfield, north London, denies murder.

Mr Sinclair, who drove for a church old people's centre, died despite emergency treatment in hospital.

The court heard that a knife carrying diluted bloodstains was found on the draining board on the kitchen sink.

Miss Cheema told the court the couple had lived at their semi-detached home for only a few months after marrying in March last year.

Mr Sinclair had been married before and had grown-up children.

She added: "Theirs was not a stable and settled relationship. There were tensions which sometimes spilled over into violence - principally it seems from this defendant towards her new husband.

"Lloyd's friends and family noticed that Leonora Sinclair was prone to bouts of melodrama and selfishness.

"From time to time since they met and in particular after their marriage, Lloyd would come to work bearing signs of physical injury including bruising to his face ... once had a limp.

"When asked about them he would frankly admit they had been caused by Leonora."

Monica Thompson, a church pastor, had seen Leonora hitting Lloyd.

In September last year, Mr Sinclair had called police because he said she had "gone crazy". Officers found her in a locked bedroom with a knife, said Miss Cheema.

She said: "Throughout these episodes of threatening and abusive behaviour it appears that Lloyd would remain largely passive and let it wash over him.

"This was an unprovoked attack by a woman who armed herself with a knife, went into the hallway of the house where her husband may have been preparing to leave her and used it to deliver a fatal blow."

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