Friday 15 December 2017

Motorist snapped reading a book at 70mph

Martin Evans

A MOTORIST has expressed his horror after spotting another driver travelling at 70 miles per hour – while reading a book.

Computer engineer Chris Ashton was travelling on the M6 motorway in Cheshire when he saw a male driving a Volkswagen Tiguan in the middle lane holding a booklet in front of the steering wheel.

Mr Ashton’s wife Stacey was able to take a photograph of the irresponsible motorist and take a note of his car registration, which the couple have now passed to Cheshire police.

Mr Ashton, 26, was on his way to Glasgow from his home in Manchester on Friday afternoon when the incident occurred.

He said the book appeared to be a car instruction manual, but even when the irresponsible driver noticed he had been snapped, he failed to put the book down.

He said: “This man did not even see us approaching from behind as we overtook him at 70mph, and when we got passed my wife saw him through the rear view mirror continuing to read.

“He is an accident waiting to happen I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’ve seen lots of people breaking the law on their mobile phones and I’ve seen many accidents in my time as a motorist but surely this takes the biscuit.

“He didn’t even notice me taking his picture and only looked across when we got alongside. I hope the Police catch him and throw the book at him.”

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