Monday 19 August 2019

Mother 'livid' as Facebook refuses to remove photo of daughter (13) posted by 'controversial group' without her consent

Customers of Bar 32 reported being told to leave if they would not remove their poppies.
Customers of Bar 32 reported being told to leave if they would not remove their poppies.

Sarah-Jane Murphy

A mother has said she is "livid" that Facebook will not remove a photo of her daughter that she claims is being used as propaganda by far-right political group Britain First.

The picture shows the girls, aged 12 and 13, selling poppies on behalf of Nottingham Sea Cadets.

Two members of Britain First, who the girls say they did not know, pose alongside the girls in the photograph.

Britain First claim the photo shows two men "guarding" the poppy-selling female sea cadets against "Islamic extremists".

Nottingham Sea Cadets has also asked Facebook to remove the image from its website.

BBC reports that the mother of the 13-year-old girl has repeatedly asked Facebook to remove the photo, but was informed they could not do so as her child is over the age of 12.

"As a parent, knowing an image of your child is being seen and shared around the country without your consent is frightening especially when it's linked to a controversial group whose views you do not agree with," the mother said.

"Potentially they could make your child a target to the fools out there that exist."

Please rest assured we do not support Britain First. The cadets were approached by these and asked for a photo. They...

Posted by Nottingham Sea Cadets on Saturday, 7 November 2015

She has not received any response from Britain First, who she refers to as "cowards" and "racist bullies".

The photo was uploaded to the Britain First website and to their Facebook page on 7 November.

Britain First received a high volume of complaints from members of the public and eventually deleted the photo from its website.

The group also removed a large version of the photo from Facebook - but a smaller version remains on their page.

"I'm livid with Facebook as they did not help or support at all," the mother said.

"Their reporting system was a joke as none of their categories fitted my complaint so they kept disregarding them.

"I eventually discovered they would do nothing if the child was between 13 and 17, which I was astounded by."

Meanwhile Sue Dewey, chairwoman of Nottingham Sea Cadets, said she was angry about what happened.

"I was horrified, naturally, and very upset for the cadets because the exploitation of young people is something that we strive to avoid at all costs," she said.

"My concern was that the rights of these children had been hijacked by individuals and they were trying to exploit the cadets and their uniform and attach that pride and the poppy-selling to help their own aims."

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