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Mother faces jail for microwaving her neighbour’s kitten in revenge attack

A MOTHER-OF-THREE is facing jail after being found guilty of killing a kitten in a microwave in revenge for its owner reporting her abusive partner to police.

Gina Robins, 31, put the 10-week-old pet in the oven after using it to warm food for her 18-month-old son Oliver while at the home of its owner, Sarah Knutton. This was days after her then friend had reported an incident involving Robins' partner outside the same house.

Ms Knutton, who is hard of hearing, was able to hear a noise "like a crisp packet being popped", followed by a loud "screeching" while in the lounge, separated from the kitchen by a hallway and two doors.

After the kitten had died, Robins sent her a text message, calling time on their friendship and saying: "Remember the saying 'What goes around comes around'? It has started already to bite you in the arse. The cat? Karma."

Robins had denied a charge of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, claiming that the microwave, which starts automatically when the door shuts, was accidentally turned on by one of the cats after the kitten got inside.

But magistrates found her evidence during her day-long trial last month "far-fetched" and "inconsistent" and said they were considering all sentencing options, including jail.

Robins, of Salisbury Avenue, Torquay, Devon will be sentenced at the town's magistrates court.