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Most tasteless video ever? Christ sent to Nazi death camps in promo film


A video depicting Jesus being sent to the gas chambers in Auschwitz by Nazi soldiers who describe him as ‘just another Jew’ has been condemned as the “most tasteless Youtube video ever”.

The controversial video, 'That Jew Died for You', was produced by Jews for Jesus, a group dedicated to converting people of a Jewish faith to Christianity, and timed to coincide with Passover, Holyweek and Holocaust Remembrance Day on 28 April.

The three-minute clip, filmed in black-and white, shows terrified Jews being selected for either labour camps or the gas chambers outside Auschwitz gates by sneering Nazi guards.

Jesus, who is filmed in colour, then appears carrying the cross as a guard condemns him to the gas chambers, before muttering “just another Jew” in German.

Jews for Jesus claims the purpose of the video is to challenge "misunderstandings" surrounding Jesus and the Holocaust.

On their website, they assert: "Jesus has often been wrongly associated with the perpetrators of the Holocaust.

Jesus is shown carrying the cross as he is condemned to the gas chambers  “In reality, he is to be identified with those who were the victims. The Holocaust has been used – perhaps more than any other event or topic – to prevent Jewish people from considering the good news of Jesus."

The video, which has already garnered over one million hits on YouTube, has been condemned by members of the Jewish community, with writer Jay Michaelson dismissing it as “the most tasteless YouTube video ever”.

Mr Michaelson, a blogger for the Jewish Daily Forward, comments:"It's hard to fathom who thought this project would be a good idea. Any Jew with personal, familial, or even historical memories of the Holocaust will immediately find it to be an outrage.

"Not to state the obvious, but it desecrates the memory of six million Jews to use their suffering as a way to convert Jews to Christianity."

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JfJ have said it is “actually engage people in a conversation” as opposed to evoking anger from the Jewish community.

“We think that the conversation about who Jesus is [is] important for Jews and Gentiles to discuss, and especially at this time of year, as we are in the Passover, Easter season, and leading into Holocaust Remembrance Day next week”, Susan Perlman, associate executive director of Jews for Jesus, told The Christian Post.

"We want Jewish people to understand that the sufferings inflicted at the hands of the Nazi's were in no way based on the teachings of Jesus. In fact, he suffered and died on our behalf to show us the love of God," Ms Perlman added.

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