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Most extreme party since Nazis takes seats in Greece

TWENTY-ONE members of Golden Dawn were sworn into Greece's parliament yesterday, making it the most far-right party to enter a European legislature since Nazi-era Germany.

Europe's financial crisis is changing the tone across the continent, with frustrated voters turning to extremists on both the right and left. None seem as extreme as Golden Dawn, whose leaders claim that the Nazis did not use gas chambers to kill death-camp inmates during the Holocaust.

The party -- which won 7pc of the vote in a May 6 election -- says it wants to rid Greece of immigrants and plant landmines along the border with Turkey.

The new parliament will hold power just one day because the election left no party with enough votes to form a government, forcing repeat elections next month.

The 21 Golden Dawn MPs -- 20 men and one woman -- were the first to enter the main chamber of Parliament for the swearing-in ceremony. The Golden Dawn MPs refused to stand for the separate swearing-in of two Greek Muslim MPs, who took their oaths on the Koran.

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