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Wednesday 20 November 2019

Moments from death: Dashcam captures shelling Ukrainian city

Attacks killed at least 30 and injured more than 100 in southeastern city of Mariupol Newsdesk and Agencies

Two shocking videos alleged to be from Ukraine show a motorist frantically dodging shells which killed at least 30 people over the weekend.

The dashcam footage was originally posted to YouTube and reportedly filmed in the southeastern city of Mariupol. The video starts is a residential area, before several shells land around the vehicle, blowing up a moving truck in front.

The terrified driver speeds off, warning oncoming traffic and pedestrians to avoid the area he has come from.

The footage was given to Mariupol resident Viktor Zubritsky by the driver. Posting the videos online, Mr Zubritsky said people in power have a responsibility to bring about peace in the region.

"We must stop this dirty war, every day claiming the lives of Ukrainians on both sides.".

The attack on Mariupol, a strategically situated port city that had been relatively quiet for months, alarmed the West and looked likely further to aggravate relations with Russia.

Putting the blame squarely on Moscow, President Barack Obama said the US would work with its European partners to "ratchet up the pressure on Russia".

The rocket attack came a day after the rebels rejected a peace deal and announced they were going on a multi-pronged offensive against the Kiev government in a bid to seize more territory. The rebel stance has upended European attempts to mediate an end to the fighting in eastern Ukraine that has cost at least 5,100 lives since April, according to United Nations estimates.

"The city is in shock," Mariupol resident Yelena Khorshenko said by telephone. "The streets are empty, and people are boarding up their windows and preparing for the worst."

Mariupol lies between Russia and the Russian-annexed Crimean Peninsula. Heavy fighting in the region has raised fears that the Russian-backed separatists would try to capture the city to forge a land link between the two.

(Additional reporting from Press Association)

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