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Millionaire rogue landlord discovers his Ferrari has been seized and destroyed


Ferarri 488 GTB

Ferarri 488 GTB

Ferarri 488 GTB

A millionaire rogue landlordhas had his £200,000 (€229k) Ferrari seized and destroyed by police officers.

Zahid Khan, 30, infamously parked the Ferrari 458 Spider on the pavement outside a court when he was appealing a conviction in March.

He had the same supercar confiscated when police stopped him in April, but when the trainee pilot returned to court to learn the fate of his car he was told it had been destroyed.

Khan claimed he was stopped and arrested by police who told him they were seizing the vehicle because they were suspected it was stolen.

The businessman said he had bought the car from an auction via a middleman last year and spent  “a lot of time and money’’ on the vehicle.

The supercar lover told the Birmingham Mail: “I have been trying to get my car back ever since, trying to prove that it did not include stolen parts and that I was the owner.

“Then we go to Birmingham Crown Court this morning and find that the car has been destroyed.

“But I did not know anything about that and I can’t believe they have destroyed my car.”

West Midlands Police have confirmed that officers had stopped Khan on April 5.

The force said it had applied to a judge at Birmingham Crown Court for an amendment to an existing asset restraining order which resulted in the Ferrari no longer being a restrained asset.

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A spokeswoman said the car was crushed last week because it had no valid insurance and was a Category B vehicle - which are officially classed as unroadworthy, meaning the shell has to be destroyed.

Khan made headlines as a rogue landlord after it was revealed in December 2016 he had forced tenants out of his luxury Birmingham home.

He was ordered to carry out 150 hours of community service as a result and arrived in his Ferrari, which he claims is worth more than £200,000, to appeal the conviction at Birmingham Crown Court.

Judges in the hearing upheld three of the charges - interfering with the peace and comfort of tenants, failing to provide adequate smoke alarms, and failing to obtain an HMO licence for the property.

But the court overruled the other three charges - namely failing to ensure the property was kept in good and clean decorative repair; failure to ensure the internal structure of the property was maintained in good repair and failure to ensure that any fixtures, fittings or appliances were maintained in good repair.

Khan was also ordered to pay an extra £2,000 (€2290) in addition to the £5,700 (€6527) he had been previously ordered to pay.

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