Sunday 18 February 2018

Millionaire businessman 'stabbed his neighbour’s alsatian to death'

Mark Deeley denies a single count of criminal damage, but admitted to police that he stabbed the dog with a kitchen knife Photo: PA
Mark Deeley denies a single count of criminal damage, but admitted to police that he stabbed the dog with a kitchen knife Photo: PA

Nick Britten

A property tycoon stabbed his neighbour's guard dog to death with a kitchen knife after it mauled his pet Labrador, a court has heard.

Mark Deeley, a millionaire businessman, drove the weapon through the Alsation’s heart in the front garden of his £750,000 house with “the largest knife he could find”, it was claimed.

Yesterday Tarlo Singh, 39, who owned the Alsation, called Max, described how he witnessed Deeley stab his dog, and claimed that he did so after calling it by name over to his side of the hedge that splits their large detached properties at around 7.45am.

He said: ''I was upstairs in the right hand side of the property, it was a bedroom.

''Max was barking, I looked out the window but what alerted me more was when Mark Deeley called him over.

''I heard him call Max over. It was loud.

''Basically he stabbed him near his front leg.''

Mr Singh and his sister, Susan Kaur, 39, rushed out to find five-year-old Max, who had crawled under the hedge to enter Deeley’s property, dead.

Coventry magistrates’ court heard the animal died instantly after it was stabbed below its right leg piercing its heart.

Finuala Sheridan, prosecuting, said Deeley, 49, who runs a successful student accommodation letting agency, admitted to police that he stabbed Max with a kitchen knife, but had claimed he only did it to protect his 12-year-old golden Labrador Bertie from the Alsation.

She said there was history between Deeney and Mr Singh’s family, who owned “at least” three dogs.

She said: “CCTV shows Max and the Alsation in the front of Mr Singh's house.

''Max then turns left near the property and runs to the hedge.

''Mr Singh was alerted by barking and looked out of his window. What follows is the subject of factual dispute.

''For whatever reason Max attacked Bertie.

''Mr Deeley in interview says at that point he went through his house and went upstairs in order to reach his kitchen where he picked up the largest knife he could find.

''Mr Deeley picked up the knife and returned to the dogs who were still fighting.

''He says in order to protect Bertie he stabbed Max once and he died almost immediately.''

Mrs Kaur called the police and a dog handler retrieved Max's body which was covered in blood.

Miss Sheridan said: ''The golden Labrador appeared to be unhurt although injuries where later uncovered.

''Bertie had a blood stain on his coat, which was in fact blood from Max.”

She said post mortem results showed the Alsation died from a single stab wound to the heart, whilst Bertie was found to have bruising and superficial lacerations to its throat.

She added: “Mr Deeley was interviewed and admitted stabbing Max and said it was because Max attacked Bertie,

''He said his actions were reasonable to protect Bertie.'' Deeley denies a charge of criminal damage outside the house in Gibbet Hill, Coventry, last November.

The trial continues.

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